We are usually asked about:

Is there a warranty on my kitchen or bathroom cabinets?

5-Year Warranty: Cabinet Refacing of Seattle provides a Five Year Warranty on all of our finishes, and cabinet refacing products. Additional warranties are included on hardware and cabinet accessories by the manufacturer, our designer can provide you with them.

Who does the installation?

Cabinet Refacing of Seattle performs all of our installations.  We do not sub-contract any of our cabinet refacing projects.

Are your estimates and design consultations free?

We do not employ salespeople.  Our design consultants come to your home to provide design ideas, advice, and information.  They will provide you with an estimate, but there is never any pressure or hard sell.

What times are design consultations available?

Designers are available for week-day, evening and Saturday appointments.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Is financing available?

We offer a wide variety of financing options.  Our designer can provide you with details at your consultation.

Who will I be dealing with, and who will be responsible for my project?

Your designer will help you achieve that perfect look.  Once the project is moving forward, the project coordinator will come out to measure the entire project.  The project coordinator will order and work with our skilled craftsmen until completion of the project.  We are a team at Cabinet Refacing of Seattle, and you can approach any member with question or concerns.

What do you do about the inside of the cabinet?

Cabinet refacing usually leaves the interiors of the cabinets as they are, but if you have a damaged interior in one of your existing boxes, show the designer.  They can provide options and recommendations on how to solve the problem.  We can always reface the interior of the cabinet or replace damaged shelving.

Didn’t find the answer?

If you have questions about the cabinet refacing process or would like to speak with a designer about project ideas, feel free to get in touch.

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Recycle. Reuse. Reface!

Cabinet Refacing

Why fill up the landfills?  Recycle your existing kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Most homeowners are happy with their kitchen layout, and many homes had custom cabinets when they were built.  Cabinet refacing allows you to reuse the quality boxes that your original kitchen or bathroom already has.  We take the old doors, drawers, usable trim, hinges, and hardware to Habitat for Humanity to be resold or repurposed.  The hinges and hardware that are unusable are taken to the metal recycling center.  Then we start the cabinet refacing process which completely transforms your kitchen or bathroom.